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Spurned Woman Destroys Her Boyfriend's Car After He's Caught Cheating

Someone's going to be driving around angry.

A London love rat was outed as a cheater in the worst way after his girlfriend caught him in the act. 

The spurned woman found his $170,000 Range Rover parked behind Harrods in a restricted parking area in Knightsbridge, London, and armed with a spray paint can, defaced the vehicle by writing “Cheater” in huge red letters all over. The front, back and sides of the car read “Cheater it’s over,” and “Hope she was worth it.”

Onlookers gathered around the vehicle as the man, who remains anonymous as of now, gave the finger as he hopped in the car and sped off angrily. 

On person who was standing by the car waiting for the owner told The Sun “People were crowding the car and taking photos…she must have been pretty annoyed. To be honest I just found it funny. Loads of people were laughing.”

Another called the woman’s revenge plan “brilliant.”

Making matters even worse—if that’s possible—was the parking ticket the guy received for parking over double yellow lines. That cost him an extra $188 on top of whatever it’s going to take to repaint the car. 

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