World Landmarks Light Up in Rainbow Colors for Orlando

From Israel to Paris and across the U.S., cities honored the victims.

As the investigation continued at the site of Orlando's horrific mass shooting, tributes to the victims — and to the city, and to the LGBT community as a whole — kept the light of hope alive around the globe. In the Los Angeles city of West Hollywood, the massive L.A. Pride parade and festival continued, defiantly, while festivalgoers acknowledged the suffering of their community across the nation. Around the world, communities remembered the victims, and showed their unflagging support, by bathing their most revered landmarks in rainbow hues. 

1.  Eiffel Tower

2.  Tel Aviv City Hall

3.  One World Trade Center

4.  Sydney Harbour Bridge

5.  Nashville's Metro Courthouse and Gateway Bridge

6.  Brisbane's Story Bridge

7.  Dallas' Skyline

8.  Rome's Trevi Fountain

9.  Orlando Eye

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