Would You Dip Your Bread in a Candle Made Out of Melted Wagyu Beef Fat?

Is the meat-candle idea about to catch fire, or just crash and burn?

So far this season, we've seen birthday cake croissants and cocktails that magically change colors—and the pyrotechnics just keep coming at us. The latest? The melted beef candle. 

The candle you'll find on your table at Edge Restaurant and Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver isn't just mood lighting. It also doubles as a super-rich dip. Yeah, you read that right. Along with its premium cuts of beef, including a $200 6-oz. Japanese A5 Wagyu steak, and its luxe seafood dishes, Edge also offers a bread service that arrives complete with a Wagyu beef-fat candle.

Photo credit: Molly Martin.

Not to worry, there's no wax residue dripping off this candle, created by Edge chef Simon Purvis. His inspiration? “A few months back I was removing eight prime ribs from the oven and decided to save the beef fat," Purvis told The Feast. "The next day I infused rosemary and garlic in the fat and then strained it to set up in small dishes. It tasted so good, and reminded me of a dish from Germany called schmaltz.”

To make the candles, Purvis first roasts the beef fat in the oven before adding washed rosemary and garlic halves. He then strains the liquid and seasons it with sea salt, and pours it into individual shot glasses that go into the refrigerator to cool. As the liquid solidifies enough to hold a candle wick in place, he inserts the butcher twine to make the wick.

When the candle is ready to serve, he dusts it with housemade steak rub and places it on a plate with some sea salt and spice mix. The server lights the candle at your table with a small cigar torch. As the candle melts, fatty Wagyu deliciousness oozes over the plate for your bread-dipping pleasure.

Although high demand for the candles is keeping the kitchen busy, that isn't slowing Purvis down. Next up, keep an eye out for batches infused with peppered huckleberries.

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