*Wow* Wendi Deng Went 64 Years Younger Than Rupert Murdoch With New Model Boyfriend

A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. 

In awesome revenge dating news, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng, 48, is carrying on with a 21-year-old Hungarian model named Bertold Zahoran. And they look good doing it. 
Here he is being moody in some sort of satin pajama-sturdy boot pairing. 

Here is Bertold wondering why his nipples are so cold. 

He looks nothing like Rupert Murdoch.

While media mogul Rupert has moved on to marry model Jerry Hall, Wendi said, "oh yeah? watch this," and snagged herself the 21-year-old last May. She kept him hidden in a closet for a while, though, until he proved his six-pack had tranformed into a 28-pack. 

It had...but you'd never know with that hat he's wearing as a distraction.

The life of a farmer who lost his shirt.

#tbt pic from @voguehommes

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

Bertold is a butterfly. JK LOL, he's just in Brooklyn. 


A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

Wendi, 48, has been gallavanting around the world since her 2013 divorce from the now-85-year-old Rupert. Last week, she was spotted with Bertold in St. Barts. They even celebrated New Year's Eve together. 

❤️ #Halloween

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

新年快樂 🎉@wendimurdoch ❤ Happy New Year!🎉 Boldog új évet!🎉

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

Mom-of-two Wendi held her own in a bikini as the two were spotted kissing. Her daughters with Rupert, Grace, 15, and Chloe, 13, were also on the trip.

Here, Bertold wonders why everyone thinks he's 21 when he feels so mature. 

When everyone think u are 21,but u don't 😄

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

He alost didn't make the St. Barts trip after he got caught in a Christmas tree. 

Took it from the neighbor's backyard...🎄

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

But as you can see, he is fine and back to playing his trusty violin. 

It's a been while @bruce_weber Photo for @versace_official FW16 @donatella_versace Cast by @pg_dmcasting

A photo posted by Bertold Zahoran (@bertoldzahoran) on

Wendi looks very happy. 

#gym 😀

A photo posted by Wendi Murdoch (@wendimurdoch) on

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