Yes, People Really Are Researching Ways to Leave America

So demonstrates flight-search data.

Before the election, people loved to talk about moving to Canada if their candidate lost. And now that it’s all over, there’s actually some data available to help us separate mere jokes from serious plans.

Anecdotally, on election night itself, Canada’s immigration website crashed, suggesting at least some exploration into the possibility. More data suggests a real trend.

According to, As of 6 p.m. EST on Election Day, there were more than double the searches (up 133 percent) across the company’s website for one-way flights to Canada than it saw, on average, in the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays. As polls closed and results started to roll in, the searches accelerated. Between 6 p.m. EST and midnight on election night, searches for one-way flights to Canada jumped more than 900 percent compared to the average for the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays. 

Search volume continued on On the day following the election, similar searches were up 1,000 percent over the average volume in the same window over the previous four weeks. 

Other spots that had one-way flight search spikes overnight were Japan, Australia, the U.K., New Zealand, South Africa, and Germany, all of which jumped up more than 500 percent. 

By the way? Thanks to Brexit, the U.S. dollar goes pretty far in England right now.

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