You Never Knew You Could Actually Get Married at These 8 Crazy Places Around the World

Best. Wedding. Ever.

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable, distinguishable one ever. But if you orchestrate a destination wedding at one of these bucket-list spots around the world... yours actually will be! (And yes, these are legitimate options you can book if money — and logistics — are no object.)

1.  Ice Hotel

You might have to rethink your wedding dress look for warmth, but you can get married in Finland’s famous Ice Hotel. If you’re a queen of the cold weather, this is the spot for you. Tuck into a two-person sleeping bag on your wedding night and cross your fingers that you’ll see the Northern Lights.

2.  Dracula’s Castle

If you fancy a trip to Romania for a wedding in none other than Dracula’s Bran Castle, you’ll be happy to know that’s totally doable. So rent the castle and light some candles... because this celebration is going to be a spooky one.

3.  The Great Wall of China

Ever wondered if you could get married on The Great Wall of China? First of all, congrats on being awesome. Second of all... you can. You can even go all out with a Great Wall wedding ceremony package like this one.

4.  Mayan Ruins

While you can’t get married in just any Mayan Ruins location you pick, you can have the ancient remnants as a part of your nuptials in Belize when you dig around for Belizean Mayan Ruin packages.

5.  Rome's Colosseum

If you have always dreamed of marrying in Rome’s Colosseum but wrote off the idea long ago because it wasn’t allowed, you should be ecstatic to learn that this technically, legally, is now allowed due to a recent law change. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to bring your Colosseum dreams to fruition, but where there’s a will — and a law allowing it — there’s a way.

6.  Easter Island Statues

If a far-out historical site gets you excited about wedding destinations, chew on this: You can actually get married in front of the famous Easter Island statues. Talk about epic wedding photos. 

7.  Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

It ain’t cheap, but if you want to dress your NYC wedding to the nines, why not do it at Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty? You can hold a private wedding on the grounds and give your family and friends the Big Apple experience of their lives.

8.  In Space

It's true: You can actually have an out-of-this-world wedding, literallyVirgin Galactic has already made celestial wedding reservations and yours could be next. It will cost a fortune to get you, your partner, and your wedding party into the cosmos for your big celebration, but if you can pull it off, it’ll be one for the books (the actual history textbooks, that is).

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