You'll Never Ride With Your Feet on the Dashboard Again After Reading This Potentially Gruesome Consequence

Consider your eye sockets.

Hitting the open highway as a road-trip passenger, with your feet up on the dash, is one of travel’s simplest pleasures. Or at least, it was. But after you read the potential hazards, you’ll never think of it that way again — and here’s why you should never actually take that relaxed position while traveling in a car.

Tennessee’s Chattanooga Fire Department has issued a terrifying warning through a Facebook post: “Airbags deploy between 100 and 220 miles per hour,” noted the message, which has already been shared nearly 2,200 times this month. “If you ride with your feet on the dash and you're involved in an accident, the airbag may send your knees through your eye sockets.”

Nobody wants that.

But alas, many people have indeed had to suffer such consequences. Audra Tatum was riding with one foot on the dashboard and her legs crossed, when the car was involved in an accident powerful enough to deploy the airbag, according to a CBS News report. That sent her foot hurdling into her face.

“I was looking at the bottom of my foot facing up at me,” she told CBS News.

The accident broke her nose, ankle, femur, and arm, and now she reports she’s unable to stand for more than four hours in a stretch. She was also not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the accident.

You already knew you needed to buckle up for safety — and now you know about the dashboard thing too.

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