Zooey Deschanel Says Traveling With Babies Is "Really Hard," Unhelpful People Suck

She made the remarks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — and Ellen wasn't having it.

New Girl star and newish mom Zooey Deschanel has discovered a couple unfortunate realities about parenthood: Traveling with a baby can be super hard.... and people can be mean.

“Traveling is really hard,” she said on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She said her 14-month-old daughter is "great on the plane, but they stopped letting people go first with babies... and there’s so much stuff."
She said she had been "really excited about this privilege — that you get to get on first if you have a baby," but found that it doesn't always go down like that. She said that some airlines have stopped giving parents of wee ones the privilege of getting on before first-class passengers. She actually got stopped when trying to board early with only coach seats booked for her family, and had a bad experience.

“Name the airline,” Ellen insisted — jokingly, but not. “Because that’s not right, we’re gonna shame them right now. Mothers and babies should go on first.”

Further prodding, Ellen asked, "What does it rhyme with?” 

”Bamerican,” Zooey said. 

And that was enough for Ellen to call out the not-so-mysterious airline on the air: "All right, Bamerican Airlines, you should be ashamed of yourself. Mothers and babies — it’s hard enough to travel with a baby, you’ve got all kinds of stuff. Let the mothers and babies on the plane first before anybody else!"

She also joked that the airline may no longer be the official sponsor of her show after the she called it out on the air — but Zooey suggested maybe Ellen simply had a lot of pull and could change the flying-with-babies game!

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