Christos: It's Real Greek to Me!

Christos Garkinos lends a hand to Greece the best way he knows how -- through fashion!


If you have been watching the show, you have easily picked up that I am one proud Greek-American.

I'm a son of immigrants who moved at a young age (mom at 12 and dad at 17) to Detroit to pursue the American dream.

My parents met at church, married, and moved into a duplex above my grandparents in the city.

It was a real my big fat Greek wedding. Aunt and uncle down the street. 10 cousins down the road.

Being Greek and being proud of my heritage heavily influenced me.

We dressed to the nines for church. I loved seeing all the Greek women in their dresses, furs, and Chanel bags. Pants were a big no-no.

I was an altar boy and was transfixed with the Byzantine style robes we wore each week.

Traveling to Greece became almost a yearly occurrence from age 15.

It is truly my favorite place in the world.

So you can imagine how heartsick I have been to watch the breakdown of the Greek economy and the resulting malaise it has inflicted on her people.

This past week The New York Times ran a story about children going hungry in Greece.

In 2013.

I had to do something.

Beginning tonight on, you can purchase items directly from my closet. All of my proceeds to the Greek America Foundation's Project Hope for Greece. I've recently become an ambassador for the organization and I applaud their relief efforts for my homeland. To learn more go to

Please take a look and get into my closet!

Evharisto (thanks).

Editor's Note: For more about Christos' efforts, read HERE.


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Christos' New York

Christos shares his favorite memories of The Big Apple.

I think it's fitting that our last two episodes take place in the Big Apple.

New York impacted me in so many ways over the years.

I remember:

- Being there for the first time stuck overnight at age 18 on my way to Paris. Walking ever so carefully through Times Square -- I was a Midwestern boy after all. And wondering why all these men were looking at me. Ha!

- Circa 1989 going to the World, the coolest club back in the day. Having the door person summon me in from about 60 feet away. He liked my outfit. A sign of things to come.

- Bumping into my big boss from Disney in the elevator of my NYC hotel and casually mentioning to him I spoke French and would love to work abroad. Cut to leaving for Disney Europe one month later.

- Having a crazy night out at a Lower East Side bar and winning a contest... that I will save for my book!

- Opening the Virgin Megastore in Times Square and having The Fugees, Liza Minnelli, and the Foo Fighters perform.

- Meeting my in-laws for the first time for Thanksgiving for the parade.

- Seeing about 200 plays with my hubby.

- Being one of the first people to stay at the Bowery and the Standard.

- Discovering Jeffrey's. My favorite men's store.

- Showing my mom around the city for the first time since she arrived from Ellis Island.

I think it's appropriate that I write this post on my way back NYC -- where did season finale press.

Thanks everyone for watching. I hope to see you in a New York minute.

In the meanwhile, come to to keep in touch.

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