Waylynn's Wedding Dress Woes

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Waylynn's Wedding Dress Woes

Waylynn Lucas was surprised by her own emotions.

Wow, what an episode! Some serious ground was covered, and I feel as though this episode really gave a lot of insight into each of us girls and our lives and history. 

I love that you got to see a bit of my pastry side come through and my love for making restaurant-style desserts. It really is something I am so fond of, and such a different art than my fonuts. It is exciting whenever I get to work in that realm again. 

However, the most vulnerable moment I had on the show really was sharing my wedding dress. Obviously, it was quite an emotional experience for me. I really truly did not think I would get so emotional over the dress, especially since it has been sitting in a closet for six years!

It probably didn’t help that my mom was there. Why do they make everything so much more emotional? Or perhaps her being there allowed me to be so emotional? Or could it have been too that my brother was there, and it was such a rare moment for us all to be together? 

Too many possibilities, but regardless, you all got to see me cry and relive the dress all over again. Yikes!! 

Something about a wedding dress that is just special and represents so much, as well as it being a gorgeous dress, it is hard to not get choked up over it. 

I am still happy to be getting rid of it. Hopefully, someone will be able to wear it, enjoy it, and bring them luck and happiness. I certainly bought it at a joyous time in my life and with the very best of intentions. Sometimes, timing is wrong, and realizations are made that lead us down different paths. 

That experience had an impact on me, however, I must say that I love my life today and know that all the decisions I made have led me to this point, so I have no regrets. 

I do thank Brenda for understanding what I was going through having had a similar experience with the "happily ever after" not working out. It is always nice to have sympathy and support from a friend. Thanks, Brenda!

What I really want to talk about and find out what you thought about is the Show and Tell!

I was not excited about it and almost apprehensive, though I went to support a friend and, well, to be honest I will give almost anything a fair try. 

I am so happy I did. It turned out to be such a great experience and way to really get to know things about people that you might never know. Thank you, Nina, for sharing your tradition and your fun and funky friends. 


Thanks for sticking with me through this emotional and fun episode and continue to keep in touch. Follow me on twitter @waylynnlucas and @fonuts