Little Buck Hunter

Epsidoe 1:'s Associate Editor ponders Jenny from the block's fashion choices and Bluemarine shoes.

on Oct 4, 2011

Hello my fellow bargain gatherers (I'm a passive soul), and welcome to a little show I lovingly refer to as "Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get down to Mott Street and buy that item." I plan on watching each episode with an eye on my Googling finger so I can procure a few of these duds myself, hence I'll use this recaps as a place to highlight the fashion porn (aside: the folks on this show have delightfully filthy mouths when it comes to speaking sartorially -- I love that). Let us begin.

"J. Lo is the S--t Right Now"
It's true. Her American Idol, husband-tossing ways align perfectly to the time to get top dollar for a dress she wore to an awards show, and what a dress it was.

Not only does this dress have the cache of having been worn on the 6 train at the Latin Grammys, it's also a Thierry Mugler -- who has a few other pop stars connection. He's dressed Rihanna on multiple occasions and Lady Gaga has scored his fashion shows (one song was the basis of "Schei├če," one of my favorite non-sensical songs of all time). Basically, that's a lot of cache for a dress. Granted the gown itself isn't my most favorite, however, Ambria looked pretty fly in it, and if I had the $6K, I'd probably twirl in it to. Then I could sing the song that gave this blog its title (by CSS) and drink champange. (In this scenrio, I'm rich enough to not have a job.)