Little Buck Hunter

Epsidoe 1:'s Associate Editor ponders Jenny from the block's fashion choices and Bluemarine shoes.

on Oct 4, 2011

Sunshine Strip

So let's talk about that Carolina Herrera dress. Don't let this image fool you. I would wear this non-stop, from gala events to eating gala apples on my couch. It was a steal. I probably would have bribed Simon Doonan (love you Doons) to authenticate the others so this delight wouldn't have been left behind. Yes, after her sketchy dresses were unprovable, consigner Jessica took her perfectly-engineered treasure off into the wind, never to be heard from again, which is a real shame. That dress was something a sophisticated ribbon dancer would wear to her first night at the opera with her banker husband. She would twirl and everyone would know she was different, just a little more special than the rest of society.

I'm sorry, just had a moment there. With you now.