Wilson Payamps

Wilson shares his thoughts on Ambria's ex and the backstory on his "train sex" comment.

on Oct 18, 2011

Ambria and Tara's consignment of the Issey Miyake top and skirt was amazing! It's a bummer we couldn't have it in the store, I wanted to try it on. Haha. We often get these consignors that bring amazing pieces to us, and sometimes I just wonder what's the real scoop. Where do they find these goodies? That's why it is great to have Simon around to authenticate some of the items for us.

Ambria was so right about Karen being a haggler! She knows her thing and she never fails to always ask for more money, but hey she is a loyal consignor and on top of that makes us laugh, so I would have probably done what Ambria did to please her.

For the record: I've never had train sex, that was a random question I came up with to make us laugh, and I don't play with sex toys, haha. Do I have toys? Yes! But that's because I got it as a birthday gift in a drag queen bar in the Lower East Side.