Wilson Payamps

Wilson shares his thoughts on his first day at Second Time Around, and his outfit regrets.

on Oct 4, 2011

Let me start off by saying why did I wear those sunglasses with that outfit? Ugh so not cute! I must admit I was nervous before walking in to meet the girls and finally starting my first day of work at Second Time Around.

My first impression of the store was: fabulous labels and amazing clothes, but definitely needed that man's touch -- or should I say gay's touch. Who am I kidding!?! In particular the men's section. It was awful. I had to express the way I felt about it, and I'm sure the girls weren't too happy about that. Ambria was definitely a bit skeptical about me from the start and not too happy with my comments -- but I couldn't help it. I had to be honest. It's in my nature. At the end of the day we both want the store to be the best consignment shop in NYC and to look amazing. Karina and Tara were very welcoming and affectionate which made me feel great since it was my first day.