Scotty Brown

Boni weighs in on Jeff Lewis' quirks.

on Sep 11, 20070

I suppose the fascination with Jeff and what he does and how he does it should not have been a surprise. Perhaps because I deal with real estate every day, and with Jeff just about everyday, I was not prepared for the reaction the show got. So personal! On both sides: positive and negative. To those of you who enjoyed it, found it entertaining, informative, fun, and outrageous and "got" Jeff, I know you were happy to see the bonus episode. Carrie and I have been busy looking for the next "nugget", as Jenni would say, and contrary to the "experts", the Los Angeles real estate market-- and more specifically, Los Feliz-- is still HOT. Consequently, people are not throwing houses on the market, foreclosures are not popping up on every block, and optimism is greater here than in other parts of the country. The movie industry has had a blockbuster year. The market is very active, and inventory continues to be low. I guess you will have to watch next season to see what happens to Commonwealth, Nottingham, Ben Lomond and Valley Oak Two, and to check out the properties we find for Jeff and Ryan.


Talk about a snooze fest..  Flipping Out? A disaster.. Can barely get through one episode so quit watching except for Jenny's wedding.

Same ol'. Jeff's tired snarks and facial tics  to his maid and hers to his boyfriend.. I guess he has no work.. What a  mess.


Too much of his maid who like the other old folks like Elsa and George, think they are major celebs and act out in weird ways to the cameras. ..and now we have Jeff's grandma.. this is getting bad at Bravo.. all senior fillers and no substance in these shows.. Oh yeah sometimes a little violence thrown in between the old folks.


If this is their thing why not have an over 55 show with Ramona as the lead Reality  fool?


@Julian3 O M G.... you are as quirky as Jeff....but I like made some valid points...and might have been too hard on the senior siesta that we get to glimpse...i liked that Jeffs Granny made an appearance...I think he wanted the viewers to see where he got his personality... a few things that bothered me was Granny saying she would slit anyones throat that let her dog out....that was pretty graphic language and i just wanted to say, "just don't allow workers on your property"...then the matter of her saying this guy "Jessie"was a "lousy"painter..."a realllly lousy painter"....this guy was just blackballed on national tv....what would a woman her age truly know about expertise in painting....or me for that matter, i have never sold real estate, but would if her grandson did not impress me as a realtor...would i have the expertise to say that he knew nothing about real estate...I don't blame Granny, i blame whoever edited this did not showcase her in a positive light....and someone needs to be upset's almost like someone waited for Granny to say things out of irritation or nervousness, and then used that footage...the person who needs to punch someone out is Greg....i hear Granny is leaving her newly decorated home to him...he also needs to find the box Jeff stashed the calico print teddy bears and put them back in that rocking chair....they were probably her tea party guests, when her grandsons were too busy for her...i am a little upset that they went through her house like Grant through Richmond, and took out momentos that gave her comfort....too bad i don't sew....i would replace those bears for a nice floral....and maybe send Jeff some too....