Scotty Brown

Boni weighs in on Jeff Lewis' quirks.

on Sep 11, 2007

I suppose the fascination with Jeff and what he does and how he does it should not have been a surprise. Perhaps because I deal with real estate every day, and with Jeff just about everyday, I was not prepared for the reaction the show got. So personal! On both sides: positive and negative. To those of you who enjoyed it, found it entertaining, informative, fun, and outrageous and "got" Jeff, I know you were happy to see the bonus episode. Carrie and I have been busy looking for the next "nugget", as Jenni would say, and contrary to the "experts", the Los Angeles real estate market-- and more specifically, Los Feliz-- is still HOT. Consequently, people are not throwing houses on the market, foreclosures are not popping up on every block, and optimism is greater here than in other parts of the country. The movie industry has had a blockbuster year. The market is very active, and inventory continues to be low. I guess you will have to watch next season to see what happens to Commonwealth, Nottingham, Ben Lomond and Valley Oak Two, and to check out the properties we find for Jeff and Ryan.