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Jeff And Courtney: Soul Mates?

Ryan Brown on the clash between Courtney and Jeff.

It's only our second episode this season -- but can you believe all the DRAMA??? I mean seriously, who would have thought the slumping housing market could set the stage for such great TV?

Jeff was still fuming over the situation with Courtney and the Hancock Park house, and showed no sign of stopping. I have to admit, it's actually a bit funny for me to watch Jeff squirm a little as he has to answer to a client. Unlike me, Jeff isn't used to working for clients. I have my own design business and I have to cater to the needs of clients on a daily basis. Balancing customers' needs with personal style is a delicate thing, but it is important to remember who is ultimately in charge -- the client. I kept trying to remind Jeff of that -- but as he pointed out, both he and Courtney are hard-headed.

It may have been for the best to leave the Hancock Park job behind, since it was causing so much stress for our team. The ironic part of the whole situation is that Jeff admitted to seeing himself in the way Courtney was dealing with the situation. He got a taste of his own medicine, and didn't like it one bit. One thing you didn't get to see on the show was Jeff, Jenni, and I joking about how Courtney and Jeff were soul mates!!! They are quite alike in a number of ways.

Zoila's portrait was too much! I was pretty shocked when I first saw it, but I didn't want to say anything to make Zoila feel worse. Luckily Jenni got the artist to soften some of the less flattering parts of it (and take out a couple chins). Zoila has been a big help to Jeff and has managed to survive living with him -- can you believe he didn't want to give her the day off for her BIRTHDAY????

During this episode, I was eager to get Valley Oak sold and get some cash back from the project. With so many things on our plates, Jeff and I got a little scattered and lost sight of what should have been our top priority -- selling the house that we already had so much invested in! The sage burning ritual is another step that we will take to ensure that our houses are the most appealing on the market and free of any negative spirits. We go to great lengths to get a house sold, from staging to purifying the energy. It's something I really though was crazy when Jeff first brought it up years ago, but now I really get into it. Thanks for watching this week, guys! There's a lot more excitement to come!