Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson tries his darndest to overhaul the classic class.

on Apr 13, 2012

It has a ways to go but we would have a single instructor with guest teachers on every Friday to add some end-game excitement to the weekly topic. Within every community there are so many people who are smart, engaging, and willing to share their time, we just have to ask. UGA has the national center of canning and food preservation. Canning is hip right now. How do we get hip canning into the minds of an eleven year old so they always understand how to pickle and their view of canning will extend beyond a relish package at a fast food joint?

A we celebrate Earth Day we need to be realistic that the Earth is only going to get taken care of by a generation of healthy people who understand the basics of food.

But before we scrap the present playing field, let’s step back and look at what is underutilized, what needs modernizing, and what excitement and passion is out there that just needs to be harnessed in the right way to make a difference. The healthier our kids, the healthier our little planet.  

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