James Lipton

James Lipton shares his love for his beautiful wife.

on Apr 21, 2008

As always, I'm grateful to all of you who have responded to my blog. Jennie Christian, you ask whether the fact that your answers to the Pivot Questionnaire change from time to time is "a bad thing." Not at all. My answers sometimes change, too. The Questionnaire is designed to reveal a current state of mind, so, of course, the answers change.I hope you continue to answer it. L Kelly, in answer to your wish, the Robin Williams Inside the Actors Studio DVD is about to burst upon the world -- with forty minutes more of never-before-seen-or-heard Robin. My wife's name is Kedakai, and Jenny has asked how it's pronounced. The first syllable, which is accented, rhymes with "bread," the second rhymes with "Uh," and the third rhymes with "sky." It means "noble" in Japanese, which I find entirely fitting. lipton_scarlet.jpg