WTF?! Ariel Winter Just Found "S*** Thrown All Over" Her Airbnb — Read Her (Actually Kind of Hilarious) Tweets About the Bizarre Incident

Yes, as in... actual s***.

Airbnb is cool if you're unperturbed by the idea of staying in a stranger's home during your vacation. But you know what's not cool? When someone s***s on your accommodations... literally. Such was the case when Modern Family actress Ariel Winter's Airbnb was vandalized with poop over the weekend.

Winter tweeted about, ahem, rather s***ty news on January 7, telling her followers, "I come back from lunch to find shit thrown all over the front of the house I’m staying in," before offering a mild threat at the poo throwers. (She'd find them with the home security cameras, she wrote.)

After midnight on January 8, she took to the platform once more, still annoyed that someone messed with her "scrabble chiiiiiiillllllll" and romantic getaway with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

Nevertheless, she concluded, she and Meaden — aka her "rock" — made it through the poo-filled weekend relatively unscathed.

At least the poo poo was only on the Airbnb though, right?

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