Gwen Stefani Singled Out by TSA for Handsy Airport Screening

Stars are just like us.

If you were a person as famous as Gwen Stefani and were trying to smuggle something even slightly contraband onto an airplane, wouldn't you make someone else do the dirty work? Say... someone a little less high profile than a pop singer and TV star with a decades-long career?

That sounds logical. But TSA wasn't taking any changes with her at the Los Angeles International Airport as she checked in to a flight on Tuesday. They gave the star a full-on pat down. According to TMZ, it wasn't a quick one, either, but more of a "thrice over."

Gwen was on her way to London, where she'll turn on the Christmas lights and perform live at Westfield Centre on Thursday.

Now don't you try anything crazy on the way back, Gwen!

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