Oprah Proved She's the Best Dog Mom Ever While on a Long Flight Home from Hawaii

Her BFF Gayle King has the photographic evidence.

Oprah Winfrey has publicly claimed that she "wouldn't have been a good mom," but her best friend Gayle King would totally beg to differ. The CBS anchor, who just vacationed in Hawaii with Oprah, posted a gallery of photos of Oprah tending to her 11-year-old Golden Retriever Luke, who she's called "the handsomest dog in America."

Luke was super freaked out to be on a plane... even a really nice jet with a bedroom suite all ready for him!

"Nervous flyer Luke on board!" she wrote. "Mom to the rescue swipe left to see who mom is & how she makes everything better ..stars they’re just like US!"

The photos show Oprah kissing and cuddling Luke, and even laying down with him. And the love is easy to feel. 

(Photo Credit: Gayle King/Instagram)

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