Surprise! Pope Francis Married a Pair of Flight Attendants on His Plane

The skies got friendlier for a couple whose first wedding was canceled because of a natural disaster.

Flight attendants Paula Podest Ruiz and Carlos Ciuffardi Ellorriaga were supposed to tie the knot in their native Chile back in 2010, but their church was destroyed and they never made it "official." That is, not until this week, when Pope Francis surprised the parents of two by offering to marry them while in the air mid-flight from Santiago. Vatican said that this is a Papal first, according to CNN.

"This is the sacrament that is missing in the world, the sacrament of marriage. I hope this motivates couples around the world to marry," Pope Francis told Ciuffardi Ellorriaga.

Paula Podest Ruiz and Carlos Ciuffardi Ellorriaga

Now that's a wedding story not every couple gets to tell!

The Pope's travels are not all gong flawlessly, however; he’s in hot water for some comments he made about rape victims in Chile, accusing them of slander.

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