Kelly Cutrone

"Finally our show hits the air so we can rock our nicknames – watching the Jersey Shore kids made me want to scream – Snooki is not the only one with a nickname!!!!"

on Feb 1, 2010

On ANDREW MUKAMAL –  the reincarnation of Wednesday Adams!!!! I decided to do my part for all the gay rock and roll boyz out there – he is easy on the eyes, hysterical in the halls and well, a damn good straight cross dresser... He blurs the line on skirts and corsets and is a great date at a Rick Owens Sample Sale. I really want everyone to start a Charticle – a listed time of how many names and designers he name drops in every episode. As for his Pink outfit – well it was a lollipop treat to Ava, my daughter and Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy – oh he has so many things to remember in his style bible life. REPEAT – WE LOVE ANDREW WE LOVE ANDREW WE LOVE ANDREW KOE KOE KA CHOO KOE KOE KA CHING!!!