Drop Everything and Move to London for This Buckingham Palace Dream Job

Digital media types and Anglophiles: Take note.

Queen Elizabeth II may be turning 90 today — happy birthday! — but she’s totally down with the kids’ way of communicating in the modern world. Evidence: This new job for a “Royal Communications” professional for Buckingham Palace. And it sounds so amazing that we travel-loving digital media types are polishing our resumes and packing our bags as we speak.

Yes, Anglophiles will want to know about a new palace position tasked with engaging people around the world about details of the public role and work of the royal family, developing digital communications strategy, and making sure the palace uses the right array of digital platforms. (Is a royal Snapchat in our future?!)

“It's knowing your content will be viewed by millions,” the job posting bills. “It's about never standing still and finding new ways to maintain the Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional.”

What sounds cooler than that?

The right candidate would drive the content strategy of the palace’s newly launched website, covering such events as state visits, award ceremonies, and other royal engagements. Yes please — to all of that. 

And given that the reaction to palace news is “always high profile” (naturally), all candidates need to know how to minimize digital risks. That sounds as thrilling as it sounds terrifying. 

It could be you if you’re “innovative and with creative flair,” “have exemplary and compelling writing and editorial skills,” “expertise in designing digital content,” are “a natural communicator, and are “influential.” That sounds like half the digital influencer types who swirled around Coachella last weekend, so we’re guessing there will be some Americans eager for this new dream job.

By the way? The person who scores the job will earn about $70,000 in U.S. dollars equivalency, and get great benefits including 33 days annual leave (proving once again that Americans have a lot to learn about vacation) and free lunch. 

Basically, this job is competing with some of the coolest get-paid-to-travel jobs we've seen lately. So get to applying!


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