6 Quirky Facts You Didn’t Know About Last Chance Kitchen's Controversial Chef Jen Carroll

Although she's known for being outspoken, there's still much to uncover.

If haven’t yet seen the first episode of Last Chance Kitchen Season 7… you need to stop reading right now and watch the above clip! (Now you've been warned... spoilers ahead.)

Now then. If you followed directions, you already know that Jen Carroll is the first chef eliminated. Gone from the show so soon, alas, but not forgotten! Especially not when you learn these memorable facts about the owner and executive chef of catering and consulting company Carroll Couture Cuisine.

1.  She has four dwarf Holland lop bunnies.

Their names are — wait for it — Chewy, Larry, Chomper, and Lil’ Joanie. “I am nuts and made a Twitter and Instagram page for my bunnies @ChewyTown,” she says.

2.  She's engaged to a chef...

And it’s about time they get on that whole wedding business! “Really need to set a date," she says. "It’s been almost two years now!”

3.  Her dad builds and owns race cars.

"But still has time to give me tips on cooking," she says.

4.  She's a woman of contradictions.

"I hate being cold but I love snow," she says."

5.  Just because she worked alongside Eric Ripert doesn't mean her palate is always sophisticated.

She admits, "Junk food is my weakness!"

6.  She's basic... but at least she's self aware.

"I love avocado toast, but hate pumpkin spice lattes... so I’m only half basic!"

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