Burning Questions

Eliminated David defends his design!

Dec 9, 2009

Bravotv.com: Do you think your expertise in architecture ultimately helped or hindered you in designing?

I am certain that my expertise in Architecture helped. On the other hand, I am pretty sure my big mouth hindered. I think my years of Architecture helped me with the ability to think on my feet. I think the years of handing my garments off to my tailor without helping her do the sewing probably hindered my ability get the most out of the design to fruition process with Julie.

Bravotv.com: You had difficulty with your fabrics and you struggled to find lighter colors/more summery fabrics.

Don’t get me started about fabrics… the time we spent at the fabric store was one of the worst moments of my life… and my fellow contestants concur. To be asked to select every fabric before knowing what you will be designing? We had to make guesses and hope we made good decisions (or guesses). I wanted to create real clothes for real people, and I was thrilled to see the judges were Dan and Dean because I was looking forward to creating their kind of edgy classics, so we looked for denim, leather, cottons and wools. When one travels, the best way to assure flexibility is to bring a single palette – blacks, whites and perhaps one complementary color so that no matter what ensemble you choose, no matter what changes you make… everything matches. And so we took that path… who knew they would ask for summer, and not just summer, but beach wear?

Bravotv.com: The judges thought your look wasn't beachy enough. Do you agree with that and their decision?

Is a swim suit and a wrap the only option for the beach? No, ask any woman over 20 and she will start to consider other options. My outfit was for the woman hosting a party at her beach estate. I happen to think that a bikini and high heels is not classy, unless you are working a car show at the convention center, and even then I am not so sure. This was an updated Betty Page swim suit. Very beachy, very glamorous and very classy. I could see any of the powerful women that I have designed beachfront homes for wearing my garment before wearing any of the others… any.