Stefani Greenfield

Stefani tells you what to expect on Launch My Line.

on Dec 2, 2009

It's all happening! In the first 20 minutes of watching LML you have witnessed the creation of the recipe and formula defining each team for as long as they remain in the competition. (And maybe thereafter?). Two total strangers are chosen to collaborate on one vision, harmoniously fusing their individual talents. Can you imagine having to select ALL of the fabrics for an entire line on the "first date?" Challenging? YES! Although, in my opinion, if each team "started at the finish line" during their initial meeting, they had a proper road map to follow.

The overall challenge of building a brand, creating a line (collection) begins (and ends) with VISION. Who is your target customer? How old is she? Is she urban? Suburban? Does she work? What other designers does she wear? Is a celebrity your muse? Why is this brand unique? What's your signature style? How do you want her to feel wearing this line?

When my partner and I conceptualized SCOOP in 1996 our "vision" of building the "ultimate closet" at retail never changed for the 13 years we owned the business, and still today. The consistency of our "message" allowed the business to grow and translate into different markets and genders (14 stores, Mens, Womens + Kid's) - no matter where we opened a store the customer knew "who we were."