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Lady Marmalade

Kathy Rose: "My Heart Skipped a Beat"

It's Been Real

Over the Top!

Kathy Rose: "It feels great to make it this far!"

It's Tough Out There

Merle: "I Guess I Was Wrong!"

High and Dry

Marilyn Crawford: "I Do Not Want to Blame Anyone"

What Went Down

Out on the Town

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The One Where Merle Finally Won


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Patrick and the Snake

Kathy Rose: "I Couldn't Believe It!"

Luck of the Draw

Don't Bungle the Jungle

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A Lot to Judge

David Applebaum: "My Big Mouth"

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No Wrong Path

Louanna Rawls: The Right Direction

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Stay Tuned

It's All Happening!

Lady Marmalade

Who impressed Judge Stefani? Find out!

Process......  I was so bummed not to be able to accompany Lisa (who did a fab job) and the designers to the Citizens of Humanity wash house. Though, with baby, husband and business in NY I needed to leave the "bubble" and get back to TRUE reality for a bit. Gerard from COH is the denim guru! I have known him for 10+ years, we met when he first launched Seven for all Mankind. What a privilege for the designers and Lisa to enter his Willy Wonka denim factory.

The process of denim design through production is truly an art and I thought it was a brilliant challenge to incorporate a distressed fabric as this week's element. The designers (even anti-denim Merle) embraced the challenge and equipment - don't mess w/ Louanna's technique, Kathy! Actually, I was rather impressed by how professional both ladies were when Louanna felt Kathy was more imitative than innovative. We have witnessed many devolve, it was nice to see true grown-ups.

Jim did an amazing job creating the L jean, inspired by Kathy and the road trip to the wash house, but the strapless top was a total missed opportunity. I loved Merle and Thai's dress, it has the potential to be a key item in their line and signature to their brand. Rarely would one see a jersey fabric look sophisticated distressed but this versatile dress totally worked. I definitely don't see the muse, Louanna, ever wanting or wearing the brocade jacket (nor did she) but I would love to see her in the gorgeous dress!

Then there was Lady Marmalade, created by Patrick and Roberto. I was "torn" over the dress, but knew in my heart it was the weakest work in the challenge. Patrick -- you are not only a "dandy" you are a true GENTLE-MAN. It was a pleasure to work with you and Roberto, watch you bring out the best in each other and learn to celebrate your dissimilarities. I also want to note how beautiful your sketches were. I wish both Patrick and Roberto a wonderful 2010 and do hope our paths cross. (Maybe Venus, perhaps New York??).

Watch what happens...... x Stefani