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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Dina?

Chris thinks Dina was happy with her gown. Sort of.

Let's face it, as you can see from the very beginning of this episode, this woman has everything. Her closet isn't a closet, it's an addition on to her friggin' house! (Not that I haven't seen worse...Danielle Steel's closet is the bottom floor of the Spreckle's mansion in San Francisco, so she's got Dina beat in sheer square footage!) A hallway of at least 1,000 pairs of shoes leads to her "closet," arranged by designer and color. So basically if she can have anything she wants -- why hire me? Yes, another drag queen was wearing her dress at last year's Night of a Thousand Gowns (or, as me and my friends refer to it, Night of a Thousand Clowns, Frowns, Wrinkles, or Facelifts). But that's what's going to happen if you shop at the Paramus Mall.

Hollywood glamour, stat! This is what she wanted. But she could go to anyone for that. So, in a Faustian twist, we made the dress out of glittered canvas. Stunning, incredible, show-stopping stuff to say the least. Also stiff, scratchy as hell, tight, and impossible to be comfortable in. She asked for it -- we have the footage. Was she as unhappy as she seems at the fitting? Maybe it was a touch dramatic, but that's what fittings are for -- to make adjustments. We made adjustments and she was happy. Sort of. Dina just doesn't get that happy. The happiest I've seen her is when she's playing with her Chihuahua that's missing legs. Go figure.

When Dina was good and glamorous, we turned our energies to Pepper, (Alex) who was being crowned Empress that night. Huge braided hairdo sculptures and silver Queen of Outer Space headpieces, stat! All the things that make a pretty "girl" feel prettier on her night of glamour. Pepper is one of the most clever and outrageous bitches in the drag world, so watch out if it's her night. She looked incredible -- no surprise to any of us. She worked hard for that title and deserved one night of pure celebration. Now, back to work!

One thing cut out of the episode was my own appearance in drag at the event. Dressed as...drum roll please...The Black Swan! Nervy, I know. But if Natalie Portman can dress as a self-obsessed maniacal diva, so can I! We all had great fun, and another Night of a Thousand Gowns was over in New York City, leaving behind only some broken heels and a stray eyelash or two. And a girdle that everyone swears they will never wear again. Until next year.

See you soon,


Met with a Challenge

Chris explains why Chrissy's gown was the biggest challenge of the season.

Fulfilling my lifelong dream of designing a gown for the Met Ball (The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual costume ball) was incredible; having an amazing client like Chrissy Teigen was amazing (and getting to cover the dress with thousands of Swarovski crystals was so decadent). Then why was this task the most overwhelming one of all the ten episodes of Mad Fashion? One word -- pressure. The overwhelming pressure of one of my designs being seen at the incredible fashion arena that the Met Ball has become was one sort of pressure, but having such a short period of time to do it in was another. My first shot at it and I have to get it done in three days! That, plus the added drama that Chrissy's boyfriend, who just happens to be John Legend, was there to give his opinion. Oh, and did I mention I only had three days?! The black beads, sequins, feathers, and safety pins were flying, and between all of us we magically whipped up a dark, sexy, feathered, and human-haired dramatic masterpiece. There was a little tussle over the leather neck corset I wanted Chrissy to wear, but she was more comfortable with the feathered collar with a custom-made dramatic necklace. She looked amazing (when doesn't she?) and had her red carpet Black Swan fantasy come true. I was thrilled to see the dramatic train we worked so hard on floating up the red stairs of the museum. Chills! I can't believe that ten episodes have gone by so quickly. A lot of work went into each one, from the camera crews, the editors, the sound guys, the electricians, the directors, executives, and especially from Matt, Izzy, Alex, Christine, and Jake. What an amazing experience -- to get to work with such great people doing what I love, and then have it magically turned into a fun and outrageous TV show! And like Carol Burnett always used to say, "I truly am so glad we had this time together."

See you soon,