Holly Kiser

Holly has a spiritual experience in New Orleans.

on Mar 13, 2008

Miss Cherrie may have her lost her her house and felt like she lost everything but you have faith that when circumstances look so horrible and it looks like there is no way out -- you have to have faith and know everything is going to be ok. That day was such a blessing to me. After building some of the house we had to leave to catch our flight to make it back for the catwalk.

Niki told us our catwalk assignment. We had one prop and it was a skull. We had 45 minutes`to make up a story for the catwalk. It was really tough at first, but we finally collaborated and got our skit together. I opened the show and I had the skull. The story was that everyone was out to kill me for the skull and actually I think all the boys secretly want to kill me so it all worked out. I really got into the role and I had so much fun! The panel really liked my picture and catwalk this week and they chose me to win for the week!! I believe I won for the third week in a row!

I'm so close I want this so bad every opportunity- until now has just slipped through my fingers; I just can't let that happen now! Just two more weeks I have to do this! I love you mom, dad, Ray!! Keep praying!!MUAH!!