Nicole Trunfio

Nicole breaks down the final competition.

on Jun 4, 2009 First, the three guys got that great shoot, the Polaroid shoot. What does that mean for them?
I think the way they all reacted was so amazing to me because sometimes people don’t realize how lucky they are to work with someone so special, and the camera is so special, but they all really realized it and they were all very grateful and appreciative towards Timothy, and I thought that was pretty sweet. And they understood what was going on, which shows that all of them are supermodels. I’m so proud of all of them! It was such a happy day for me and Tyson to be sitting there watching them work in front of that camera with Timothy and it was a great energy that day. It was really a special moment for all of us. Do you think they had a "less is more" situation? They didn’t really have to do much; it was more about keeping it subtle. Do you think that is harder to do?
It is, definitely. I watched when they were leaving the house. They were all like, “I’m going to give it my all today,” which might have meant, for them, giving all of their energy and really working it out, but they only took one picture so they had to put all of their energy into that one picture and I think they all hit it spot-on. They were all phenomenal. All of the pictures showed their different characters. Their personalities really got brought out this time because it was raw — it was just them. And I just thought that they all did a fantastic job. I thought that Branden won because of that photo shoot. It was as if he’d been studying all season and that was his graduation to become a supermodel after that. It was so great to see him have that transformation on the show. And to see him win was really great. I think he deserved it. I knew it the whole way through. Next, they had the Cosmo shoot. How do you think they all did?
I thought Jonathan was going to do the best at that because he is such a Cosmo boy. But they liked Brandon the most. Didn’t they? It’s so funny because I see Branden on the runways in Milan and everything, but the fact that he had that versatility and he really charmed them was awesome. I felt they all did a good job. The Cosmo man is very specific though and the fact that they did a good job was great. I think that Sandhurst was the only one that didn’t have a good chance in the beginning because he’s got a good body — muscular and stuff — so he’s not really a Cosmo man, but he still did wel. They were really great. I’m glad they got that opportunity. And finally they have the catwalk. First they had to do the odder one with the large graphic suits and stuff, and then they got to do a Ben Sherman one.
I was really impressed. I thought they all looked like stars on the runway. This time I thought they all looked so great on the runway. Especially Branden and Jonathan were so great on the runway this time. They just blew my mind. They looked like they were on a runway in Milan and Paris. They looked natural. They looked like supermodels. It was great. And Branden just stepped it up. He was just like "I need to win this, I want this." You could see how much he wanted it. He’s just ready. He’s young. He’s in the perfect position. He has no baggage. He’s excited. He’s vibrant. He’s naive and innocent and he’s charming. He has everything that it takes to be a supermodel. And he’s the one that deserves the opportunity more than anyone else. The other two are going to be supermodels too, I think. They have a lot of potential and I hope that they carry on and just rock it, because all of them are winners, really, at the end of the day.