Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio speaks openly about the models' performances in the photo shoot and on the catwalk.

on Mar 25, 2009

What about Mountaha?

Mountaha did great on the go see. Honestly, it was nice to see another side of her. She is really hard working with every situation she's in. She's very driven and curious and she's willing to learn and listen. She doesn't have all the classic attributes of a model but she's in that stage where she's learning a lot.

Do you think she showed more versatility?

The rocker thing is part of her style, but when they told her to be more feminine she dropped that which was is a good quality to have as a model.

What about Salome?

She did an amazing job on the shoot. She was crying, she took on the character, she looked like Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl or something. She had a lot of emotion to share. Besides the excuse part of it, she's got this beautiful quality about her. On the catwalk she doesn't mind weird, but it wasn't about being weird, it was about being a beautiful freak. I feel like she just doesn't listen, she has selective hearing and this own idea of what she should be doing which doesn't work.

Are you seeing changes in the models' body at all? Are they working on the problem areas?

It takes time. Salome is toning up a little bit, I can see that.

What about Sandhurst?

He has such a gorgeous personality. He blows me away. His performance on the runway was actually insane. It was incredible. He pulled that off. He's lucky he has this dancer background, escpecially for performance art, because designers like Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier like that. He's very versatile in that sense, but it's a performance sense. I saw versatility in him this week. When he did that photo he couldn't even look at himself in the mirror though, but the runway was a completely different thing.

What about Gabe?

He's holding back in a big way. He's getting boring. Is that really everything you've got, Gabe?

What about Jordan?

She didn't show any emotion in the photo shoot this week which was disappointing. She got beginners luck and she thought she was great. She's a little too sure of herself. I could feel like she was really self-conscious, she was just blah. She's so skinny, but her hips are big so she walks a little strange on the runway.

What about Shawn?

It's just not meant for him. He did some good work, but he had a lot of odds against him.

What about CJ?

She's opening up. She's starting to, but she's not ready. You can't discover yourself when you're just about to go on the runway for Versace or do a campaign for Gucci. You have to already be open. You have to know who you are and what you want. She just needs to open up.