Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio speaks openly about the models' performances in the photo shoot and on the catwalk.

on Mar 25, 2009

What about Amanda? She was very emotional, and Maggie Rizer kind of called her out on the catwalk.

Amanda had a challenge this week. The photographer wanted her to be happy because she comes off as a happy person. She didn't question that. I would have said, "let me do what I want right now." She took that challenge and she was polite, gracious, and she's a very hard worker. If you want to be a model you have to be subtly sexy though, you can't be too sexy, and the thing about Amanda is she's using her mouth and doing this campy look. It's the same with CJ. I know Amanda had a lot of emotion this week and she lost it.

Maggie thought it might be intentional.

I didn't think so. I thought that was a harsh call. I had seen her the whole week. It's totally OK for Maggie to say what she said though. If you're at a casting and you do a bad job there's no second chances. If come up to Anna Wintour and you start crying they're going to say what Maggie said. They're not going to know you. I can stand up for Amanda because I'm her mentor and I'm with her all the time. The judges are the people who are going to keep you there or make you go home.

Any other comments?

I just wanted to say that everyone who went to Montreal looked amazing on the runway. They're some of the hardest workers of the bunch. On the runway this week, most ofthe models just put an emphasis on their worst qualities. I said beautiful freaks and they all think they're beautiful so they all just focused on their worst qualities. It was creative and good, but not in the right way.