Nicole Trunfio

Nicole weighs in on who kicked butt, and who didn't cut it.

on May 27, 2009

First the models had to do a shoot with fire. What do you think the photographer was looking for?

I think, because of the production and because the flames are expensive to do, it's like one dry cut. You get one shot. He was looking for someone who could exude rock n roll energy in that small amount of time. He's a one take director. You have to be a one take model. He was looking for someone who could bring energy. He shoots celebrities, so he's also looking for character. That's why Sandhurst kicked butt. He wasn't just a model, he was a character in a movie. It was like X-Men or something. That's what he was looking for. Everyone was okay. Sandhurst inspired that photographer and gave him something he wasn't looking for.

They all went to Bloomingdale's for a go-see. Have you done something like that?

Never. That's for B-Models, but it's a great way to interact with people because you are selling a product at all times. It's good to know what you're selling and it's good to see people who know the designer's name. It was kind of cute though. Mountaha was a little nervous and that comes across a lot. She's not comfortable in her own skin and she's too driven and anxious. I think that people see that. You've got to be relaxed around people. You could be a good model, but if people aren't comfortable around you then you're not going to get anywhere. Whey they shopped their personalities really showed. It was interesting to watch. I loved how Branden just got a suit. It was almost his claim to becoming a man. I'm going from little boy to man. That was awesome. Mountaha just wanted ridiculous Christian Dior shoes. That's such a female, Sex and the City type thing to want great shoes. Sandhurst was so humble. He just got everything for his family. I liked that.

For the runway it was nothing crazy this week, the models just got dressed up and dapper.

I thought the wig didn't work for Mountaha. Wigs look bad even if they're custom for your head. I thought that was unlucky for her and she didn't make it work. You can't say something though. You're a canvas. Sometimes it's luck. She should have brought more to the runway. She could have brought some personality to it. She didn't perform in the photo as well. I was shocked she just stood there. I really noticed her hands though. I shoot Victoria's Secrets and they've said I have good hands and feet and know how to hold them. That's really important. People don't realize it. It's the small details like hands that make a big impact on a photo. If your hand looks weird you notice it. I loved the way she used hers and she was very conscious of them.