Ronnie Kroell

Ronnie finds his voice, and the other models need to watch out.

on Mar 5, 2008

Stephanie at Bloomingdales felt my performance was pushed and at times fake while Jennifer took the time to speak with the customers and received very positive feedback: they expressed that my approach was friendly and un-intrusive, that I modeled the clothing well, and thought on my feet. I may be a lot of things but one thing I am not is fake. Perhaps the truth is that Stephanie was assigning her own meaning to my behavior and she misinterpreted.

My geniue energy and enthusiasm. Finally the catwalk, we were styled by Shannon and the team from New York vintage in two looks to life, but agree with panel that I sported my Ralph Lauren tuxedo the best. At this point in the competition there is no room for mistakes. I am not ready to go home but Casey has proven to be at this point the least confident and immature model in the house while Ben has shown himself to be apathetic, angry, and in competition with himself.

Right now the girls pose the biggest threat and I'm not sure why. Watch what happens....