Tyson Beckford

Has Tyson ever bared all? Find out here!

on Jan 31, 2008



She's an art student, so it was a breeze for her to do that because she does that all the time in class. She's sculpted, and she's sketched naked people. So she's been through that before, and she's the art [kid,] and she did exceptionally well. Again, Stephanie is my sleeper, who I think will do better than what people expect from her. She surprised us this week. I could tell by seeing her face that, when she walked into the room and I was telling the kids what they were going do, she was like, "Yeah - I can't wait to get naked!"

Bravotv.com: Yeah - she's seems very comfortable with herself.

And that's what we want them all to be, man. If you're not comfortable with yourself, how are you going to be selling it? ...