Thank You

The season's first eliminated model talks about his experience and being the first one cut.

The first week of this competition was great because of the people I was able to meet and friends I’ve made.

With regard to the photo shoot, I have to say it was definitely a shoot for TV. By that I mean unrealistic for a real shoot in which a client is using the model to sell clothes. The outfits (bed clothing) didn’t match the theme of the shoot. I felt like I was in a magic show. But, that’s life and I knew coming into this that the shoots would be unrealistic and over the top.

The night I was eliminated was extremely long. We spent a lot of time waiting around because they had to do everyone’s hair, makeup, and outfits.

My outfit was nice but too small for me. Most of the designer shirts that I try on are too small in the shoulders and chest. However I did my best given the situation and the is all I can say.

The judges said their piece and I didn’t feel like getting into a big debate so I didn’t have much of a response. Once I was eliminated I gave a post elimination interview and that was that.

With respect to the show, I enjoyed my experience and all of the new relationships I’ve made. I’ve become good friends with just about everyone in the cast, as well as some amazing crew members. I wish for nothing but great things for everyone. To the producers I say, "Thank you for the exposure," and good luck to everybody!


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