Toya Bush-Harris

Toya explains her driving record, why she's a stay-at-home mom, and why she's disappointed in the Reunion.

on May 25, 2013

As a child, I was raised in a very strict home. I was a little rebellious, which is why my parents kept a close eye on my behavior. I was taught early on by life examples to stay away from trouble makers, bullies, alcohol abuse, drugs and lastly, to always stand firm on the truth. Those life lessons helped me to get through thirty plus years and continue to be a foundation that I instill in my own children. I tell myself that I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, but I bet you won't catch me making those same mistakes twice.

I was very upset to be accused of driving under the influence. This was a very serious accusation, because this is something no one should ever do. And if by chance you find yourself in this situation, take it seriously and count it a grace of God that you or someone else was not hurt in the mist of your foolish actions. God forbid I place myself in a position where I'd have to leave my family or could possibly hurt someone else's. Driving under the influence is a terrible offense, which is why I am willing to be more than transparent about this issue. At the reunion I did present my driving record to Andy, but unfortunately that was not shown. I have no secrets. Therefore I was more than willing to discuss the matter.