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Dr. Heavenly: Dr. Simone Is Insane

Dr. Heavenly is disturbed by Dr. Simone’s behavior and explains what being a submissive wife means to her.

This episode really disturbed me. I honestly feel that there is good in everyone and yet, we all make mistakes. As children of God we should always have a spirit of forgiveness. We don't all have to be the best of friends, but I do think we should all respect one another and give each other the benefit of the doubt. 

I am very happy Quad is living her dreams and starting her own business. I definitely think that is something to be proud of.

I wasn't feeling well the day of the conference; however, I am very happy I attended. It was very powerful. Once again, Lisa Nicole has impressed me. I had no idea she was going through the breast cancer scare during this conference, yet she made it happen anyway.

Once again, I think Simone acted in a way that is  not becoming of a doctor. I do realize she must have some deep rooted pain somewhere. Like Lisa said, "Hurt people, hurt people." I wonder why Dr. Jackie did not call her friend out for not acting appropriately at this event. It's like they do not hold each other accountable for their actions. Simone (I dare to say Dr. Simone) acted as if she had a need to put Toya down because she herself is not in a good place. I hope and pray she gets the help she needs. People like Simone make pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars every year. She is truly INSANE.

It hurts me deeply to see Mariah and Quad act this way. I know for a fact they once loved each other dearly. I think they need to have other people stay out of it, and hash out their differences one-on-one.

I love to spend time with my family, I love to cook for my husband. When I say I submit to him, what I really mean is that I support him. We submit to one another, and we keep God first at at all times. Although we are far from perfect, at least we know our priorities, which have always been God, family, and then career.

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