Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly apologizes for some of her messy statements at dinner -- but still offers each of the ladies some advice.

on May 23

One thing I have realized Is we all have made mistakes and we all must have forgiveness. . .LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH!

Mariah, thank you for all you have done for all of us. You have given us ALL a platform. I can take nothing away from you! You did that sister! Having said that, I think it is very wrong for anyone to think they are better then another person. God has created us all as equals. We should never throw up in someone's face what we have done for them, that's not being a good friend.

Miss Lucy! Let us pray!!!

Quad: It's time to forgive. You should never let anyone have the power over you that they can change your whole composure by the mention of their name. If you continue to put your trust in man, you will be disappointed every time. Put your trust in God he will never let you down.