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Heavenly Is Still #TeamDaddy

Heavenly thinks Quad doesn't have that much baby time left, can't be mad at Toya, and is afraid of Miss Lucy.

We had a great time in the mountains

I think when you get married you trade in an "I" for a "we" (I sound like Tyler Perry). We have to compromise. I always try to make my hubby happy.

Jackie: I feel for Jackie. Can't imagine not being able to give my husband children.

Quad: I understand Quad on not wanting a child right away. I do think when you start a successful business, you get even more busy. So now might be the best time. But at 33, she doesn't have forever. After 35 is considered high risk. Greg is 13 years older, so I know he is more then ready. I do understand her point of view, seeing her father rule the family with his money.

Simone: Simone and her hubby look like they have a great relationship, even though I personally feel she has her priorities out of order. I'm not understanding her beef with Toya. They apologized at the WEN, why can't they move on? Why can't she remember things? I really don't think Toya was trying to be messy. . .Does Simone want Mariah to be their or not?

We decided to keep Mariah and Quad separate. Me personally. . .I'm afraid of Miss Lucy -- afraid Ill say the wrong thing to her. I try to respect my elders, but she sometime gets out of order. I did not want the drama in front of my husband.

Lisa Nicole: I think Lisa is very forgiving. The first time he cheated early in the relationship, I would have understood. But when he cheats repeatedly, it puts both of their lives in danger.

Toya: I think Toya and her hubby are happy. I think he will do anything for her. He has proven it by renting her the house she wanted, even though I don't agree with renting a home. I think he will work hard to purchase it and give her everything her heart desires. I can't be mad at that.

We all have our issues. Even though I try to be a good wife, I sometimes can be controlling. My husband is very passive, so it works for us. But make no mistake, he is the leader of our household. I am so very happy and honored to be his wife! Did you see him make the winning touchdown?? Gooo Daddy!!!!!

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