Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie tries to figure out what sort of friendship Quad and Mariah are going to have.

on May 18

Tonight we are still trying to suture together some severed and severely damaged friendships. I hope we are getting close to a healing or some kind of a breakthrough, but something tells me it is not really close to happening. Before we can move any further, it is important to examine the purpose of your friendship.

I read once that friendships are present for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime. I strongly feel that when you know the definition of your friendship, becomes easier to manage. Your expectations are different when you have a clear understanding of its purpose.

When you have a friendship for a particular REASON, that person has come into your life to meet a need. These are little short-term blessings. You may be equally drawn together by forces unknown or a specific life event. Usually they supply an immediate physical, emotional, or spiritual need. These friendships may start abruptly, but also end as abruptly. Sometimes, when friends feel they have served their purpose or have gotten their needs met, the relationship ends and not always will both person feel this at the same time. These friendships may be based on a certain circumstance, but they can bloom into a SEASON. I definitely think the bond I share with Lisa Nicole falls here -- where we met for a reason and have developed into more. I believe our paths crossed for a reason (50 Shades of Pink), but feel we are in our season of friendship. Watching Toya and Simone make up last week they also may be headed into a season of friendship. I am just not sure where Mariah and Quad are at this point. Was it for a reason or a season? The verdict is still out.

Seasonal friends come and you share, learn and grow together. I feel like these friends are important because they come and you may leave this friendship as a better person or have learned what not to be. Watching all the hurt and pain that some of the ladies have expressed tonight makes me wonder if they can recognize exactly where they are in this friendship spectrum. When you are that SEASON, there are wonderful blossoms and beautiful growth but there may be times when its cloudy and stormy. But like all season, they are meant to change. When your friendship season changes just like what was once pretty and alive can become drab, dried and die. Looks like the season has changed for some of the ladies. It seems like Mariah and Quad are in the hurricane and tornado season all-in-one and things are being tossed all over the place. I feel Simone and Toya are headed into a spring season and I see buds of flowers blooming.