Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa reflects on Quad and Mariah's friendship, her sex life, and who really owns the uterus in the family.

on Jun 26

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

Thank you for tuning in to another week of Married to Medicine. Another week of couples fun in Blue Ridge Mountains and boy was it eventful. Morning breakfast arguments, zip-lining, couples' therapy, more engaging couples' conversation and more.

I enjoyed myself in Blue Ridge. I love creating authentic relationships and bonds with other couples with similar experiences. There's a lot we can take from the experiences we have all had.

The breakfast discussion between Quad, Simone and Toya was draining. I don't like seeing the ladies argue. Personally, I wish Mariah and Quad would make up, and I wish Toya and Simone would kiss and make up too. One thing is clear to me as it relates to Quad/Mariah and Toya/Simone; deep down, they are saddened by whatever issue they are having with their friend, but they express their sadness as anger. I don't think Simone was being messy inviting Mariah. I really do think she was trying to get Mariah to just make an effort with the circle of friends. Toya is clearly frustrated that Simone keeps having amnesia about the remarks she makes, but Toya I think you should not let the situation get you so upset. Life is too short and this weekend is about couples bonding, NOT FIGHTING! Let's not lose sight of the big picture, we all love each other and came to the cabin to have quality couples' fun.

Next we catch Mariah packing for her glamping trip and we catch glimpses of her getaway with her other friends. I'm glad she has another circle of friends to lean on. It's hard to be the lone woman out in a group of friends. She does show great strength to press on, but I also see sadness too. I do feel if she made a small effort to connect with the M2M circle of friends, issues could be healed and fixed. Sometimes, even though it's hard you have to let your guard down and be vulnerable. This act fosters authentic connections and allows genuine relationships to form. #enoughofthesuperficial I like the softer side of Mariah we saw around the campfire. I just wish she would let that Mariah come out more often with the ladies. The mean side that called the ladies witches and calls our cabin cheap (when she is in a decorated barn) is just not nice. There’s no need for all of that.

On to zip-lining. That was a lot of fun. I was surprised Heavenly was scared but I'm glad she didn't let fear get the best of her. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real! Heavenly gave me a great laugh on the zip-line. Her facial expressions and those eyelashes had me crying as I watched her coming down. Thanks for the laugh.