Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone discusses Toya's attempts to publicly assassinate her character and Dr. Heavenly's submission.

on Apr 6

Welcome to another season of Married to Medicine and thanks so much for your support, comments, and opinions.

As you can see, I have been struggling over the last year with my medical practice. Choosing another electronic medical records and billing system was one of the biggest mistakes I've made for my practice!!! I don't like discussing my mistakes with Cecil but he is my husband. What choice do I have?

My good friend, Dr. Jackie, is definitely having what I call "baby blues." She is really wanting a baby and the thought of never having one makes her sad. The truth is she lives a blessed life. . . rich with a loving husband, supportive family and friends, thriving medical practice, 50 Shades of Pink Foundation, active church member, world traveler, and devoted fitness guru!!! Could she really fit a baby into such a busy life and tight schedule? I don't know the answer, but she wants to try.

It is so disappointing to hear Quad and Mariah's relationship has fallen by the wayside. "Two peas in a pod" are no more. I thought they had a great friendship and I'm devastated at the thought they are barely speaking to one another over the "infamous photo shoot."

I would like to say I'm excited to have Dr. Heavenly join our circle of friends but we have started on a very wrong foot. She is too concerned about submission outside of her house. I didn't realize she was the spokesperson for all submissive wives. What difference does it make to her if I am OR am not submissive to my husband? Dr. Heavenly, please find the bible verse about minding your own business.