Simone Whitmore

Simone can't believe Toya would resort to violence and refuses to be friends with someone like that.

on Jul 13

As always, I have to start out with a big thank you to all of the fans for watching our show and supporting me and my family. The Married to Medicine fans are the best on Bravo without a doubt. No matter what time our show was aired, 9, 9:30, or 10 pm EST, you have tuned in and given us great ratings. I am still amazed on how many fans supported us when our show was aired on the Memorial Day weekend and the BET weekend. And all of the encouraging words I have received from the fans about inspiring them to be their best and go for their dreams is the icing on the cake!

So we made it to Part 1 of the Married to Medicine Reunion and this is our Super Bowl. This is our chance to get together after seeing all of the scenes and interviews and talk about our feelings. As you can imagine, some of the ladies are here highly charged and upset about some of the things said during the season and you are getting to see the debates on what was said during the show. Believe it or not, this is the first time Mariah has been together with all of the ladies in seven months, and I am glad she has an opportunity to explain what happened this season. I know you have to be confused, because I was involved with the ladies and I am still confused on what really caused the rift between Mariah and Quad. They are both hurt and some real nasty things were said this season, but the story from STK doesn’t match up for the pain I am seeing from the ladies. And based on the discussion tonight, we will never find out the real details. I am glad Mariah apologized to Quad, and Quad accepted her apology. This definitely doesn't mean they will be best friends again, but they may be able to be associates again and attend the same functions.

Now on to my stuff. I arrived at Reunion in a great mood and ready to clear the air with anyone who approaches with me with some mess. I brought my youngest son Michael to New York with me for a vacation as an award for the good grades he earned this school year. And as you can tell from watching the show tonight, things changed very fast and I was hotter than fish grease before the show ended.

I didn't give my opinion about Jackie and I laughing at Quad's puppy couture fashion show, but let me be clear on this blog. Quad and I are friends, and I wasn't laughing at her business idea. Actually I am proud of Quad for coming up with a very promising idea and following her dreams. I wish Picture Perfect Pup much success! However, on the day Jackie and I lost it, it was like a blooper reel. I know everyone has had an episode to set off their tickle box and this was our day. Thinking about puppies in a fashion show and running down a runway made us laugh. Once we started, I couldn't stop laughing.