Katrina offers some Miami words of wisdom.

Aug 4, 2009

Well here we are – Episode 4 of Miami Social. I normally maintain a type of tunnel vision of sorts as I live my life while sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone to either challenge myself, state a fact or simply to point out a lesson learned.

In this case with all my senses subdued and my mind serene, I would like to elaborate a bit on a prevailing societal flaw – if you will… A quote I read some time ago by Diana Black made me stop and ponder since it hit home. “Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space” – indeed a great truth. While on The Apprentice, Donald Trump made reference to the fact that I had been “duped” during one of the infamous “Board Room Scenes." At the time, I found the comment to be quite offensive, especially coming from a man of such stature yet soon thereafter, I laughed about it, not only because it was true but mostly because I had learned from it.

We as humans are susceptible to the misinterpretation of concepts thus misleading the understanding. Being in business at a young age, I had to learn quickly, endure wounds and cherish the scars or face the demise of a healthy ego. I learned the difference between my ego and my opinion. As a result of my prior experiences I no longer find myself totally vulnerable.