Maria gives her take on Miami Social's complicated relationships.

Jul 31, 2009

3. Shoot from further than the length of your arm (use zoom if u must) because anything closer with lens's distortion will make your objects nose HUGE and disproportionate. Well, have a great shooting and report back how my advice worked!

Maybe I will create a special part of my blog on my website or fan page where you can upload your own pictures to show! Now last but not least is my response to various questions that had been coming in the form of commentary here on bravo's blog as well as in my emails.

1. thank you all for complimenting me on being a strong woman. SHHHHH nobody supposed to know lol

2. I do sometimes go to the russian store Gastronom in Sunny Isles, there are a few around the area that are good, but NOTHING can compare to my mom's cooking when I go back to Russia (was there in june ).

3. There will be more behin- the-scenes of my work and shoots as time progresses.

4. I moved to Miami in 2005. I lived in Hermosa Beach in CA before that and in London UK before LA. I have traveled to a LOT of places on this earth and there is no place more comfortable for me than plane's seat and airports where you can watch people passing by with their lives packed in roll-ons and heading into different chapters in their lives. It's a great time to catch up on all the reading I have missed as well.

5. I do not know if the Eastern European vibe was planned for the show's cast, but i doubt it was. It was first time I have heard Ariel calling himself Polish in first episode. I appreciate his pride in his ancestry. However Ariel is Jewish born in North Miami Beach. I have moved to Miami from LA, natural transition :) Listen to my favorite song EVERYBODY'S FREE by BAZ LUHRMANN and you will get an idea.

6. I do work on assignment basis. I am a freelance photographer. I love shooting portraiture features for magazines, celebrity fashion portraiture and work on my own fine art that I have been working for over a year and its almost finally ready to be let out in the world whether thru my own gallery or via exhibiting at art fairs like Art Basel.