Michael counts down his fave moments from the premiere!

Jul 14, 2009

Here are my Top Five Faves from Episode One of Miami Social!

Meet Lina # 2

OMG. Was this girl kidding? She stepped out in that outfit and I was thinking “Now I know her day job.” Those shoes! The white eye-liner! I know you were all gagging. I tried though for a moment to be a horny straight guy like George and find the turn on. Lina does have a smoking body, but using sex as a make up tool makes me think there are some deep-rooted problems.

Ariel. Okay, remember this part? When Ariel meets Hardy to talk about the Puma event and then there is a quick shot to Ariel in one of those interviews? Wearing his little black jacket and so very gay (high lisp day) he says:

“I’m a fashion producer in Miami. I can do anything. Call me, I’ll get the job done…”

At that point I expected to see a 1.800.555.1212 number flash on the screen for a gay sex escort. I don’t know why, I just did.

But I really love what The New York Times had to say about Ariel:

“Ariel thinks of himself as a person of considerable importance: he produces fashion shows in Miami-Dade County. But as long as Miami isn’t New York or Paris or Milan, saying you are the biggest fashion producer there is like saying you are the biggest auto maker in Tuscaloosa.”

I agree. If I ever showed up to an event where there was a make shift picnic with wilted salad included as the installation, I would leave.

Trixia. How much did I love when she was at home getting her hair done for the big Puma night at the Gansevoort and she explains to her friend the trust she shares with Hardy:

"Every bartender, every door girl, every doorman knows me!!! If Hardy's doing something fucked up, I get a text message like that (insert snap).”

Well, that girl snapped so hard to prove her point the curling iron hit her head and she screamed “ouch!” I laughed hard.

But note to your hairstylist Trixia, those blonde curls were so Madonna Blond Ambition tour when she sang “Holiday” and so out.