The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor discusses parties, diamonds, and hygiene.

Jun 29, 2011

Let's back up briefly from Kathryn's illustrious Indian dancing career and discuss her Madame Clouseau look. Kathryn decides the way to assert herself is to don some diamonds. And so she and Jacqueline go on a quest for the perfect pair of studs to sit under Ireland's bucket hat. If only this scene had gone more madcap detective -- a nice montage of Kathryn and Jacqueline on the quest for diamonds, rifling about in old museums and generally on the case. We'd animate it, and the cartoon could run every Saturday morning. Madame Ireland and the Crime-Solving Maid. Anywho, the diamonds were recovered.

So finally we return to the home of JAM as they attempt to sort out their differences. After all those cocktails (and nearly hired interns), the solution presented itself -- sconces and a hot bath. How could you resist either?

Next week Martyn's off to London and Mary's off to Taco Bell (or so it seems). I can barely wait for her to expunge the Gordita-feel from this abode. What was your favorite moment this week? The dog licking Mary's face? Jacqueline existing? Who's your favorite decorator? Why don't you tweet about it?