Mary McDonald

Mary is happy you didn't see all of her embarassing remodeling antics, plus she reveals her age.

on Jan 9, 2013

First of all I have to say there wasn't enough time in an hour episode to show accurately how embarrassing this all was to me in all it's true glory. Everyone would have really seen an I Love Lucy episode, but the hour was too short OR the producer and editors were particularly kind. . .not sure which one yet. You have NO idea how many boxes were in the backyard when I was left at the end of unearthing previous lives from boxes. Way more. It was funny for only a second.

For those of you just tuned in, I moved back to a house I have owned a dozen years but only lived in briefly for a point with my ex. I had separated from living with him for 18 years so the entire thing is completely traumatic and I am a bit shocked I even let myself or my personal life be seen on this level, to be honest.

The one thing I have to say about it all is at least I know how to laugh. It really was a comedy of errors and BTW WHAT WAS THAT '80s STEREO? Even I had no idea what that was or where it came from -- SWEAR! I mean I can hoard, but it has a high-end quality or at least a low end stylish one.

I am still laughing watching Nathan telling me to throw out the lampshade. . .I actually used it. . .SWEAR!